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The Someya Group Limited

The Someya Group actively invests in, manages and provides structured financing for businesses and real estate worldwide, whether this be through acquisitions or direct capital investment into existing entities or startups.  This is entirely handled by The Someya Group Limited and the investment and management funds division within The Someya Group.

Someya is heavily involved in the maritime sector, especially with a high level of expertise and experience in the large yacht industry. This has brought the company into contact with the luxury sector as a whole, dealing with luxury asset portfolios including jets, cars, helicopters, property and art; as well as large yachts.

The Someya Group Limited is well placed to globally represent and broker diverse investments on behalf of its clients; with staff in Europe, USA, Japan and Hong Kong.

As well as it’s current holdings, subsidiaries and managed companies, The Someya Group is presently actively involved in acquiring or investing in, a PGA Tour class golf course in the United States, marina developments in South Korea, a new start up energy business (global), brokering a large corporation investment move in Japan, a yacht & ship brokerage firm in the USA, and residential real estate in Tokyo, Seoul & Florida.

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