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Fathom Supply

Fathom Supply, Inc, is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is a global procurement and supply company for yachts and ships, managed by The Someya Group. Fathom also arranges and sells bunkers worldwide to voyaging yachts and coordinates the logistics for all of these operations.

Fathom Supply regularly ships emergency and hard to find parts to voyaging vessel around the globe. In 2013 The Someya Group appointed Adam Shelton as the CEO of Fathom Supply. Adam plans to expand the company into the commercial shipping sector, as well as building the business with the worldwide private mega yacht fleet.

In late 2014 Claire Murray French took over as overall director of Fathom Supply, bringing in new business and taking the company to a new high level of profitability and business exposure against Fathom’s competitors.

Fathom currently deals with very large yachts of around 80m to 140m in length.

3200, South Andrews Avenue #204, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33316, USA

t. +1 954  636 2411

10F/3, Yue Xiu Building
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T: +852 8171 3130

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