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Baron Boatworks

Baron Boatworks is a boat restoration company concentrating on the fabled Bertram Baron 20, built exclusively in 1968 and 1969.

The boat featured the classic Raymond Hunt Deep Vee hull design and only 44 were ever built. Rumor has it that the Saudi government bought 20 of these as fast pursuit boats, while the US government bought another 8. The remainder of the boats are scattered around North America and a few in other countries.

About 16 Barons are known to be in existence right now in various parts of the world. Baron Boatworks has 4 of them, 2 of which are being restored completely, 1 restored and 1 in original condition that was previously owned by Dick Bertram. One of the most recent finds was a 1969 Baron found in a barn in Ohio where it has sat for over 28 years.

10F/3, Yue Xiu Building
160-174 Lockhart Road
Hong Kong

T: +852 8171 3130

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