The Someya Group


The Someya Group’s core business is the brokerage of large yachts and luxury assets worldwide. The team’s high level of expertise and experience in the large yacht industry and the business of yachting, has brought the company into contact with the luxury sector as a whole, dealing with owners of luxury asset portfolios including jets, cars, helicopters, property and art; as well as large yachts.

From this position The Someya Group Limited saw more opportunities outside its core sector and has evolved to bring businesses together. Someya often acts as a broker to facilitate business deals in various industries (real estate, insurance, commercial maritime, energy, etc) between other companies; and is now well placed to globally represent and broker diverse investments on behalf of its clients worldwide.

Every branch of The Someya Group, shares the committed group philosophy of smart and ethical business practices.

10F/3, Yue Xiu Building
160-174 Lockhart Road
Hong Kong

T: +852 8171 3130

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