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April 2014 – Sunseeker Japan

The Someya Group Limited (Hong Kong) announces strategic partnership with Sunseeker Japan Co., Ltd., Tokyo; via partner company SYL Japan, Co., Ltd

Tokyo, 8th April 2014 – The Someya Group Limited (“Someya”) today announced that it has joined forces with Sunseeker Japan Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo, in a strategic partnership

The specific terms of the new deal are not made public, however Someya partner company, SYL Japan, Co., Ltd., will immediately take over the day to day running and marketing of Sunseeker Japan Co., Ltd, but will continue using the existing Sunseeker office in a prime location in the center of Tokyo for the short term, before moving to an even more prestigious location in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Sunseeker Japan is expected to order a new demo model motor yacht and start marketing the brand heavily in a market that has shown a sharp upturn in recent months

Nigel Beatty (Maritime Director of The Someya Group) issued a statement:

“This partnership is an exciting move for us. SYL Japan is a relatively young company, but SYL Worldwide has been operating in Japan for 13 years, so we do have a wealth of experience here. After some tough financial years, the Sunseeker brand should do well in the new direction the yacht market is taking in Japan. For the short term we will continue to run Sunseeker from its existing office in the middle of the richest city in the world, Tokyo; which is also one of the most brand orientated cities in the world.  As Japan is approximately 2,000 miles from North to South, we are also currently appointing sub-dealers to market the brand in select regions. Overall this new deal is a important further step forward with our maritime portfolio and our overall luxury acquisition and management business.”

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